Eowyn du Mourioche "Phoebe"


I was sure about one thing… ones I would have a Pyrenean shepherd! Not only because Zen (who lives with Rudy and Inge) or Zagan (who lived with Mieke and Roger) are such fun and lovely dogs, but because I love absolutely everything about them. They are funny, always enthusiastic, they know what they want and how they want it, they smile when they like you and bark and growl at you when they don’t. Pyrsheps go through everything for 200 % and with the double of energy than necessary. A pyrshep can’t lie. When they love you and smile… they mean it!

I think we have a lot in common. I overreact easily, when I’m enthusiastic I mean it, I don’t want to live for a 100% but for 200%. I love to do it my way, but I would like it the best with that special one on my side. I think only a few human could live with me too, but those who can love me for sure! ;-)

I would never recommend someone a pyrshep, and I would never recommend me for living with. But if you’re really sure about it, you will have the time of your life!

I remember as if it was yesterday. Only a few weeks earlier I hurt my foot and could not walk on it for weeks, I was turning crazy because I couldn’t do the things I want. On the 13th of February, Silke Lange announced the birth of 4 wonderful pyrshep-puppies. I wrote her an e-mail to ask if there was maybe a puppy for me too, after years of looking forward to one.

The day after, on Valentine’s Day, Ivo and I just started eating pasta in hearts-design and were drinking cava, when I received a message that we could have a Mourioche-puppy. I started crying and crying. I suddenly wasn’t feeling hungry anymore, I just couldn’t believe it!

We drove to Germany a few times to visit Silke and the puppies. Everything was so perfect, like a dream!

“Phoebe” Eowyn du Mourioche joined our family since 12 April 2013 and stole our hearts with her happy eyes and smile. She is the sweetest dog with the biggest heart, and she can play with me as a crocodile and I love it so much the way she growls to me in our games.

But when one of us is unhappy or down, I kneel down and then she lifts up her hind to jump up to me, so she could wrap her front feet around my shoulders...

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