25/05/2000 - 20/08/2015

I was born in 1986 and raised between dogs, most of them were boxers. Every week I went with my mother to the dog school. She practiced ‘a kind of’ dog agility in the early ‘90, ran together with her boxers, taking the obstacles. But in that time, when I was around 7-8 years old, I had more eye for a particular dog in the dog school. It was a border collie, and I felt in love with him right away! I told everyone I would buy a border collie when I grow up. When I was almost 14, I ‘ve got my mother’s permission to buy a dog by myself.  Easy choice for me, but my mother wouldn’t  let me take a border collie, to active and definitely not her ‘type’ of dog. But I refused to choose any other breed, there was only one thing I wanted very badly! Eventually my mother understood there was no other option that would make me happy, so in june 2000 we went to a farm in Ravels and took Wietse home with us…

Wietse was my dream, he was an unbelievable smart and cute puppy and went everywhere with me. When he was one year we started agility, or better… he started agility ;-) He mostly ran his own courses and had absolutely no idea what a contact zone was, but God… I was so proud on him! Wietse loved agility so much! From the very first day I started agility, I knew this would be my life.

Unfortunately, when Wietse turned 5 years old we discovered he had hip dysplasia. The dream was broken in thousand pieces, we had to quit agility for a while. After a year begging for another border collie puppy, I bought Fajah in august 2006.

Luckily Wietse his HD stabilizes and from time to time we could still run a course. We never trained again in bad weather conditions or slippy surfaces. We even managed to get in second grade and as soon he turned 7, we ran in veteran class, were he could jump medium size. He became two times club champion in veteran class and ran his last competition on the club championship in 2010.

Now he is jumping around at the rainbow bridge like a young puppy like he used to do. He was never really grown up and always has seen me rather as a playmate instead of his ‘boss’ or ‘leader’. He has always seen the ‘kid’ in me I was in the year 2000 when I ‘ve got him. He sure was my first love, he was always there for me in my youth, in good and bad times, when I was alone, when my boyfriend broke up, when I got older… always…  He will always be the closest to my heart…


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