Hyper his story is a special one… in one way very sad, in another very joyful…

He was born on the 16th of May 2008. His father Doyle (Caradyllis Diamond Red) was my absolute favorite border collie (after my own dogs of course). In fact, I didn’t plan to take a puppy yet because Fajah was only 2 years old. But the combination of Doyle with a very nice bitch, Dita, from of a friend of mine, didn’t let me hesitate to buy a puppy. I wrote an e-mail to the ‘breeder’ and asked for the hip results, because of the problems I had with Wietse in the past I didn't want to take any risks. He assured me Doyle has A hipes and Dita B, so nothing to worry about. When Hyper was born, the first time I saw him I was immediately in love. Hyper was a great puppy full of energy. He was not insecure or afraid like Fajah, Hyper wanted to play with everyone and everything, always. He was the puppy that pulled the wallpaper of the walls in the house...

When he was 7 months and I still didn’t receive his pedigree, I contacted the ‘breeder’. To make a long story short… Dita hadn’t got B hips but F, the worst hipes a dog can have. The puppies could not have pedigrees, but worse… Maybe Hyper had bad hipes.

Again I got a slap in the face when the vet told me Hyper had laxity on his hips already and needed a surgery to prevent problems like artrosis (and F-grade hipes) in the future. So we did… We went through the most awful period of our life… watching a happy 7 month old puppy going through something like this, no playing and running anymore… he couldn’t do the things he loved the most for 6 months. He had to recover for 2 months in a crate, followed by months of revalidation. The first nights after the operation he cried all night long in his crate, because he couldn’t sleep on or next the bed. That’s why I slept 3 months with him on the ground in the living room with his leash in my hand. Every minute that I was home, I was hanging around his crate or was sitting next to it with him around me. But it wasn’t done for nothing… he recovered perfect and his hipes would be like new normal hipes. After 6 months Hyper could run free again and after a year he could slowly start agility training.

It took me a lot of effort to become a team afterwards. He had the worst basic obedient training and all he wanted to do was running and chasing. I said those days, if I could manage to become a team with him, I would take the challenge of getting a Pyrenean Shepherd ;-)

Hyper became the dog that hardly needs words to understand me, he is now the most dedicated and loyal dog to me.  He still is Hyper, but what did you expect with such a name?

We ran in 3th grade, participated in Belgian Championships, won trails in the UK against 200 dogs,… I’m really grateful for that!

Unfortunately in September 2013 he suddenly wouldn’t jump anymore. A CT-scan was taken to find the cause. On the scan we could see the hipes were still perfect, metal plates nice on the right place, and not a sign of artrosis! But then I got the next slap in the face, artrosis on the spinal court. The veterinarian gave him several infiltrations in the spinal court. I decided to stop agility of course. But I was so disappointed by the breed, not about the dog, but due to the breeders. I love border collies so much, I always will, but I can’t handle the pain and sorrow of an unhealthy dog.

Hyper is fine now. He misses agility less every day I guess, but he will never forget the fun we had. We started doing treiball, hoopers, we enjoy walks and runs in fields and woods, he loves doing tricks and herding the other dogs and of course doing some running contacts from time to time. He's the most brave, strongest, nicest and most friendly dog I have ever met...

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