Fajah Of Wendevick Home "Fajah"


After a year begging my parents for another border collie puppy after Wietse was diagnosed with HD, I bought Fajah in august 2006. She was born on my birthday, 19 june at the same hour I was born exactly 20 years earlier. No coincidence, she was made especially for me!

She is the dog that taught me the most. She was a very sensitive dog and every new sound she heard when she was a puppy scared her to death. She taught me that positive training is the key to success, she taught me to be patient and I realized that when she understood what I meant, she would do everything for me.

When she was 3 years old, she ran agility in 3th grade. In the beginning she always had nice contacts, but because I didn’t pay a lot attention to my contact obstacles anymore to get the best possible times, I became unclear and started to miss them. When I missed a Crufts selection because of a missing contact on the A-frame in KC Festival, UK, I decided I had to do something. I started to teach her running contacts. It was a great journey, she even got faster and happier when running agility. She never missed an A-frame anymore and rarely miss a straight forward dogwalk (never trained the turns well). She is the dog that changed my view on dog training and made me hungry to learn different things.

She ended her agility career in veterans class at the age of 9. We did enjoy every single run, especially those with the running contacts ;-) The world disappears when I run with her...

She is my little princess. I treat her like a princess, she sleeps like a princess, she can always do whatever she likes… she definitely is convinced that she is a princess!

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